Fedex India denying my Claim for Delivering damaged Goods
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Fedex India denying my Claim for Delivering damaged Goods

I received my package in Broken condition. It was a camera cage/cover that was broken, including its box and bubble wrap. Now, I filed a claim with fedex stating all the facts and proofs, but fedex finally denied my claim stating the outer box was not broken.
To mention here, there was no outer box from fedex, which they are talking about. There was only a fedex plastic bag covering the original product box. Now if the product was squezed or pressed hard in transit, you will not get any outer visible damage on the plastic bag. And the damage exactly shows that it was pressed/ stampede from top, which resulted to bend the product and get damage. I even paid customs duty of 1000 rupees on the item.
For being safe, I even unboxed the package in front of camera, breaking the seal. So, I have proof of how I received the package.

Kolkata 700026, West Bengal

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