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Flipkart wrongly blocked my account saying I am a reseller

I am an IT guy and its in my nature to be interested in latest gadgets. I recommend electronic items to friends, relatives colleagues. If they request me, I place order on their behalf through my account. Since 2011 I have been a doing this and nearly I have ordered hundreds of items but neither one of them is for resale nor retail purposes.
Last big billion day I placed orders around 5 to 8 mobiles and covers with other electronic items. This time they blocked my account saying I am reselling items which originally was to my official colleagues who cant use mobile properly and scared to place orders online.

When you block account without any intimation, who will take care of my issues with orders? How can I check status of my order? Is it bad to help people?
Do you people even have ethics? If I was really involved in such activity do you really think I would care about you blocking my account rather than writing here since creating new account takes less than 5 min for me?

Really upset for the respect received for doing something good.

End request is I would be happy to receive my account back.

Gajendra Suvarna
Dharwad 580007, Karnataka
Email: gxxxxxxxxxxxx5@gmail.com

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