Fraud by Instagram Seller rightchoice8386

I had paid Rs 600 for a shirt advertised by Instagram seller with account name rightchoice8386 after getting in touch with the seller on his mentioned Whatsapp number 80xxxxxx90. He said payment could be made by bank transfer to SBI A/c  in the name of Jxxxxh or by Paytm to this phone number 89xxxxxx8. I chose the paytm option and made the payment to the number 89xxxxxxx018 on 10.1.19.

After this I followed up for the despatch details of the shirt like sellers normally provide, but for many days did not get any reply to my Whatsapp messages. Then I went to his profile and read comments of some other customers that they had been cheated and the product they ordered was never delivered and I realised that the same thing has happened to me too. I too posted a comment on this account that the seller is a cheat and within a few hours I was blocked from this account (rightchoice8386).

This is a clear case of fraud and cheating and me and many other customers have lost their money to this rogue seller. Request you to please look into this case so the the culprit has to pay for his deeds.

Arun Malkani
Colaba, Mumbai 400005, Maharashtra

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