Fraud by Outsource Initiative Company

I got a call for data entry job from Outsource Initiative, aanand, Gujarat. They told me to complete 850 forms in 7 days. I completed the work in 5 days. I am sure that there is not more than 50 mistakes but they told me you have done 170-180 mistakes and you haven’t maintained accuracy of 90%. So we will see you in court or you can settle it out of court. I told them to settle it out of court. They then asked me for 12890+3600 to get NOC. I paid them that on Feb 1,2020 and they mailed me my NOC. After 12 days on Feb 13, They messaged me that your NOC is cancelled so you need to pay 15550 to get NOC Clearance or we will see you in court. They also charged me 7890 for my ID activation.

Sohil Sundaram
Buxar 802101, Bihar

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    • sonu kumar on 14/02/2020 at 4:44 pm

    same yesa mere sath hua

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