Fraud Data Entry Job offering

On 22nd/23rd of July, 2019, I received a call from a lady named (by herself) Jxxxi, from PV Solution, Aurangabad, Maharastra, as she had said. She asked me if I was looking for online data entry job. I said ‘yes’. She briefed the job saying, I have to just fill up form with data which will be supplied to me in a PDF file by them. Having no previous experience, I agreed.
And next day she again called me again and asked me to attend another call from their verification department (7xxxxxxxx4).  And instructed me to say ‘yes’ to whatever the verification department would ask. I followed her instruction.
Very  next day they sent me Agreement with Rs. 100 stamp paper and and Acceptance letter. I read their agreement thoroughly decided not to go ahead with the agreement. The files are attached herewith.
The very moment I replied to their emails before they sent me any assignment , expressing my disagreement.  And the very next day I wrote to Jxxxi and informed her about my disagreement because till then no assignment was sent to me. After about two hours, she called me up and asked me the reason. I mentioned to her the point of my disagreement in the Agreement letter that If the assignment of 1000 forms are not filled correctly 90%, they will charge me  Rs.5200. She tried to console me that nothing will be happened. she also said those are only written.
But I denied. She cut the call. After about an hour, I received another call from their verification department and informed me that the assignment has been sent to my email address  and the moment I was about to tell her about my disagreement, she cut the call and asked me to contact their helpline number(7xxxxxx8, and their helpline email id I tried both the ways but in vain.
I informed the local police station over the phone and the officer-in-charge, Belda Thana, advised me to block the emails and phone numbers and not to communicate with them any further.
I most humbly request you to take immediate steps to save me from further inconvenience

Madhu Krishna Das
Belda, Rabindra 721427, West Bengal

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    • Susha on 01/08/2019 at 6:59 pm

    Even i got a call from pv they asked to type otp number. Later they send me agreement and i found it fraud but i dint show them as i found them fraud but im trying avoid their calls.

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