Hathway not providing plan after taking payment

Marketting staff from Hathway broadband offered wifi internet plan for period of 6 month at Rs.2347 and after payment after 15 days they refused to provide same plan and said either rhey can provide for 4 months or money back after 45 days only.  In this deal i am at totall loss due to blocking of money for 45 days and cheating in offer. I have written communication of the offer from hathway, now they saying that staff has left job and we are sorry we cant provide you same plan. Incase of money back you have to wait for 45 days. I wrote to their nodal officer but he also didnt clarified anything in his reply except stating that the concern raise to billing department for closer but he means i have to wait for 45 days.

Rajesh Trivedi
Mumbai 400057, Maharashtra
Email: rxxxxxxxxxx1@yahoo.com

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