Health Insurance company not paying Hospital room rent

Health Insurance company not paying Hospital room rent

1. I was admitted on 07th April, 2022 00:30 hrs and 01:00 hrs shifted to ICU till evening 07:00 PM
2. From 07:00 PM on 07th April 2022 to 08th April 07:00 PM 24 hrs Room Rent
3. From 07:00 PM on 08th April 2022 to 07:00 April 2022 PM 24 hrs Room Rent – Insurance company deducted my one day room rent
The logic of deducting the room rent is really unprofessional. If the patient is ready for discharge as per doctor’s advice, Why does the hospital keep the patient till he has to complete 24 hours to get room rent. If you stay in hotel for one day (24 hrs) on the next day at 12:00 noon if you are unable to check out for 2 hours can be extended by hotel authority, but if you vacate at night 11:00 pm, the hotel will charge the second day room rent, it doesn’t mean that if you complete 24 hours are not. Medical insurance company has no logic till he has to complete 24 hours. You will be paid 2nd day room rent is really astonishing behavior of the Medical insurance company
4. Dietitian food provided to patients for 2 days ( Administrative Cost) Medical insurance company wants patient should not have diet food in the hospital during the treatment and recovery stage

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