How to claim refund following cancellation of trains?
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How to claim refund following cancellation of trains?

Following the tragic train accident near Balasore in Odisha on 02-06-2023 involving two express trains and a goods train on the loop line, many trains have been cancelled leaving passengers helpless and forcing them re-plan their travel plans. The most important concern for all the passengers is the refund of ticket fare following cancellation of trains.

Let us see what Railways have to say about this.

What happens if a train is cancelled:

For tickets booked through IRCTC, in case of cancellation of trains in its complete journey by Indian Railways, there is no need for cancellation of tickets by users. Refund process is fully automatic in such cases. No action required on the part of users.

For tickets booked through counters, passengers can visit the public booking counters and claim refund.

How much refund will a passenger get ?

If a passenger cancels his/her ticket passenger will get refund as per Railway Refund rules as
per the time limits for refund of cancelled tickets.
In case of train cancellation by Indian Railways, users are advised not to cancel their tickets as full refund will be processed automatically by IRCTC
on the following day of the train journey

How long will it take to get refund?

If train is cancelled, eticket refund will be automatically credited to the customer’s account from which ticket was booked. The refund process will take 3 to 7 working days from the scheduled departure of the train.

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