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Issue with Apple MacBook Pro

I have a problem with my MacBook Pro (15 inch, 2017 with touch bar) bought around December of 2017.

16th Nove 2018:- Issue: Exactly, a week back, the panel supporting the screen, which is made of plastic cracked and tiny pieces started falling down (at the bottom next to the MacBook Pro brand logo).

I took the laptop immediately to the authorized service center of Apple and they immediately claimed that it is a physical damage and ruled out the possibility of using the logic and closed my case.

The same day, I called the customer service and spent around 1.4 hrs and got the same response from the Apple senior advisor that it is a physical damage and the person closed the case.

I wrote a message on the twitter and the Apple support reached out with a possible solution. They asked me to visit Apple authorized service center and call their extension. We waited for an hour and they never called back on Tuesday (20th Nov) and the same thing happened on Wednesday (21st Nov). One more senior technician also ruled out that it is a physical damage, which is sad.

Now, let me explain the issue.

The issue is:- Gap between the console and the display panel is very small and nothing can enter inside to get stuck and break the display panel as they claim. We tried with headset socket, charger (both cell phone and the laptop). We also tried Sand. Nothing happened. At last, we took a small piece of cardamom seed and closed it, it just got a crack but the pieces didn’t come out as it did earlier. My only claim is that a small tiny piece of stone or a minuscule atom bomb can cause this damage.

Problem:- Apple customer care is not listening properly and they are concluding without proper logical response to their customers. Apple Macbook Pro started with an aluminium case around the display screen earlier and then succeeded by rubber panels and now cheap quality plastic. Price has gone up and hence, the change of the same display panel is around 75K without the warranty. Is this the way to fleece money from customers?

I have bought around 15 laptops, a couple of iphones and ipad for my company and have been very truthful. We say we broke and got it changed a few times as well. I know for this fact this time that I did break and logically, I am unable to understand how it can be broken. I even tried myself and no luck in identifying the root cause..

Resolution:- I wanted Apple to be fair. Listen to my case and provide a proper logical resolution. I am ok to bear the expenses if it is my mistake. Else, apple should change the display under the warranty.

Giri Devanathan
K.V.Rangareddy 500032, Telangana

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