Ixigo, Ola misleading campaign, not honouring cashback promise
Beware of making UPI payments to strangers. Always transfer money to bank account after due diligence.

Ixigo, Ola running misleading campaign, not honouring cashback promise

I bought air ticket from website Ixigo.com on 12 Nov 2021. While booking I was told via an offer that if I made payment via Ola Money Postpaid Wallet I would get a cashback of ?1000 but I didn’t get it.

On contacting Ixigo they are asking me to contact Ola. On contacting Ola they say that the offer was applicable only for “OlaMoney Postpaid Plus” wallet and hence I am not eligible.

My complaints are following:
1) Why was I allowed to pay itself if that was the constraint of the offer? If I don’t have olamoney plus and I don’t have active account of olamoney plus why did they allow payment? If they allowed payment, then they must give the cashback too.

2) In the interface it said “Olamoney + Wallet”. Would anyone read it as Olamoney Plus? Won’t anyone read it as Olamoney and Wallet? (I am attaching screenshot of how the screen looks like)

3) I don’t even know what is Ola money plus. There is no mention of that in the app as well.

4) They have misled me and made me do this payment. I would like to call it a fraudulent activity.

5) I am also attaching another banner that is milseading.

6) It was Ixigo website that I made transaction on. It is their responsibility to make me get my due cashback instead of asking me to go to Ola. I transacted with Ixigo, not with Ola.

I would like appropriate action to be taken on both the companies

Bangalore 560043, Karnataka
Email: MxxxxxxxxxA@GMAIL.COM

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