Jio Fiber not working, no proper customer service support
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Jio Fiber not working, no proper customer service support

Since last two months I am struggling with jio fiber issue. It is not working. I scheduled service appointment many times but no body showed up. Only, i used to get fake messages from customer service stating that engineer visit is scheduled, then issue is resolved messages or engineer unable to access property, but in reality engineer/ technician never visited the property and there was no real work. After repeated service requests and no real resolution i got from my neighbour the jio fiber technician number on my own and requested the technician personally to visit my property. After repeated personal request he visited the property and found that due to rain water the jio fiber external box is not working and it need replacement. He told me to raise new service request, so that he will replace new box. I called the customer service and they told me to pay first the pending montly bill for the internet which i never used and then they will resolve the issue asap. Anyhow, i paid the bill but the issue is still not resolve and again i started getting same fake engineer visits and resolution messages.Now the technician also stop picking my call. I am in big deliemma and jio customer service again start sending me messages to pay bill as month end is approaching. So, i am paying them for free. Please help me as there is no one to hear customers problem in jio. It’ s the worst company i had ever encountered.

Dehradun 248001, Uttarakhand

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