Myntra charging convenience fee on every order
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Myntra charging convenience fee on every order

Myntra has been charging convenience fee of rs 199 on every order that am placing because i had returned 2 orders in 2021.  I wanted to choose one dress for an occasion  and hence ordered multiple dresses to check the fit and returned the ones that i didnt require. It was the pandemic wave 2 situation and i couldnt go to a shop and try the dresses and hence had to buy it online. And another order was on a jean and based on the fit i picked what is required and returned the remaining. These were only the 2 orders that i have returned till date . myntra displays that returns is very convenient on their site and the irony is they also  charge consumers who return orders. On contacting customer care they mention it is a automated process and they have no control on it .  There is supposed to be a periodic check and the system then removes the convenience fee and there is no clarity on how frequent is this check nor is there any message displayed on their site when an return order is placed on these consequences
I had got my account deactivated due to this indiscriminatory practice of myntra and now they say they cant reactivate the account if i need to check the details.

Bangalore 560037, Karnataka

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