Onpoint service company fraud with me

The request is that I am a working student. Onpoint Service A company called me for typing. They asked me to upload a photo and signature then they sent me a sample. He was not clean. I refused to work after seeing him. They then signed an agreement with my photo and signature with a hoax. . Then told me that I have filed a case against you and started asking for money. To cancel the agreement and remove the case from me, sent Rs 30,000 and NOC. But after two days, say again the case is logged again. Court today, come or send 25,000 money today. I did not send them because I do not have that much money. Then said, come to court. I do wages and am studying. My parents are old. I cannot go for money or court. Save me from this company. Help me,

Amrik Singh
Barnala 148105, Punjab
Email: axxxxxxxxxxxx4@gmail.com

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