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Overcharging in the name of past dues by Uber

I was overcharged on my uber ride on the evening (8.14 pm) of Saturday, 11 November 2017 from seasons mall, magarpatta to nyati empire, kharadi, pune-14. The vehicle was ford figo aspire, the driver’s name was Rxxxxxa. I was liable to pay 82 rs., but the driver asked me to pay 299 rs., saying it were previous dues. When I refused to pay, he told that he will be penalised to pay the amount to the company and that I should contact the customer care of uber for refund. So, I paid the driver and contacted the customer care of uber through the uber app and they said that it was a due of may 2015. This is pretty irrelevant, as since 2015, I have taken many uber rides. They are not even providing any detail or proof about this due and are not even refunding the money. They were just saying that we understand your frustration. Please assist me in solving this problem.

Vandana Kumari
Kharadi, Pune 411014, Maharashtra
Email: vxxxxxxxxxxxxx9@yahoo.co.in

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