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Product sold at higher price on Amazon with promise of money back

I bought a Product from Amazon on 24 Jan´19. While ordering it from Amazon i was facing a technical difficulty of not able to place order. So i called Amazon´s customer care and while on call, the executive asked me to buy from other vendor and once the product is delivered, she will give back Money that i extra spent as Amazon Pay voucher and this includes excess cost and delivery charges, a total amount upto Rs.441. I confirmed with her twice before placing order, while she was on call. After i placed the order, she mentioned that she will call me back once the order is delivered to process the Amazon pay voucher.
This is all available with Amazon as call recording, which can be easily accessed by Amazon and this issue can be resolved.
After I received the Product, I contacted Amazon customer service for Amazon pay voucher as promised. I spoke to an Executive named Sxxxxv. He was so rude and arrogant and denied all of the promises made by earlier executive. He also said that he will send an email to me stating that Amazon do not do price match, which was not a point of contention, but he diverted the issue to Price match. I insisted that this is not a Price match issue rather it is a customer promise issue and making customer buy a Product which costed me Rs. 441 more than the Product I wanted to buy online (Rs.414) from Amazon, but could not because of Technical issue. But he was unwilling to help. He told me that he can only process Delivery changes refund (Rs.225), which also he has not processed and I have not received till today.
I later took this issue on Amazon twitter handle, there also, some assurance was given but after providing them all the details as they asked, I got the reply that they cannot help me more.
I do not have any other choice but to file a complaint against such corrupt practices followed by Amazon in India.
Please help me to get my money back and teach Amazon a lesson that they must remember and do not fool Indian customers anymore.

Amit Batra
Tilak Nagar, New Delhi 110018

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