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Unfair money demand for online job

Respected sir I’m from VISAKHAPATNAM. Sir I want to say is there is company called p.v Enterprise in latur Maharashtra as I meet them in click India app for form filling job I just asked them what was the job and what is the procedure they simply did the Registration and they didn’t gave any work and now after 16days  they called me through phone and asking me the registration fee I said them you didn’t gave me the work so why I should pay the money than they were saying that you must and should pay the money no means we will file a legal case on you they were saying like this to me 1st of all they didn’t gave me the work and 2nd they were troubling me so please solve this problem because I don’t took the work so why should I pay money to them please help me to get rid of this problem.

B.sai Rakesh
Seethampetta, VISAKHAPATNAM 530016
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com

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