Refund on Cancellation of tickets from Cordelia Cruise

Refund on Cancellation of tickets from Cordelia Cruise

I cancelled my trip on Cordelia Cruise; on 27th September 2021. The cancellation charges calculated on their website was Rs 0 and the refund amount that was shown to me was Rs 76995. Please find the attachment.
However ,  after 10 days the actual refund amount that I received was Rs 50888. Which is around 33.9 % less than the amount which I was eligible for. When asked the customer care before cancellation, they mentioned I will receive the same amount which was shown on screen. But later they said that 25%  of cabin price was deducted as my cancellation date was within 1 month of the trip date.
But when their own website clearly mentioned that refund amount will be 0 during cancellation process, I should be receiving the same amount that was mentioned on cancellation screen; i.e Rs 76995.

Hyderabad 500075, Telangana

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