Complaint regarding IFB microwave oven service

Complaint regarding IFB microwave oven service

I had purchased an IFB Microwave oven Model No 20BC4 with bill date 04.06.18.

The touchpad of the oven is malfunctioning. The oven is turning on and sometimes some of the keys in touch pad work and the food inside gets heated. At other times the touch pad does not respond or only some of the keys respond.

I had made a complaint to IFB on 01.06.21. The warranty was for 3 years and hence complaint was made within the warranty period.

IFB technician rang up few days later and said that due to Covid situation he was not in a position to procure the replacement touch pad. Then a few days later he again phoned and said he would come. When I told him that when I made the complaint the oven was still under warranty he said to keep a copy of the bill ready and he would come after 3-4 days. After that he has not contacted.

I again made a compliant to IFB on 15.07.21.

Another IFB technician paid a visit to home, saw the oven and said would come later. A few days later he phoned and said that the oven is out of warranty and hence service charges shall be applicable.
However, I had first made the complaint on 01.06.21 when the oven was still covered by warranty. IFB has delayed in responding to my complaint and hence the service charge should not be applicable. IFB technicians refused to accept and continued to say that service charge would be applicable.

I again made a compliant to IFB on 02.08.21. IFB did not respond.

I then made communications with IFB through The first communication was made on 13.08.21. After a few exchanges IFB wrote on 17.08.21 that they had forwarded my concern to the branch who would look into this matter and resolve your issue at the earliest. I then sent reminders on 20th, 25th and 26.08.21 to IFB along with a query as to which branch the issue had been forwarded.

IFB has not responded back till date.

The communications through and the bill copy are attached.

IFB should immediately arrange to repair/replace the touchpad of the oven. Since complaint was made within warranty period no service charges should be levied. Replacement cost of touchpad, if applicable, shall be borne by me if not covered under warranty.

Paradip 754141, Odisha

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    • IFB on 03/11/2021 at 5:03 pm

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. Please share your complaint id or your mobile number so we can further assist you. You can also use our “Chat with us” link available on our website, for quick reference the link is or you can also call us on our 24/7 authorized customer care numbers 18602085678/ 18604255678.


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