Regarding cancellation and refund from VLE BAZAAR

Regarding cancellation and refund from VLE BAZAAR

My child ordered earphones of Sennheiser XS275 through this site but  i wanted to buy some other earphones so i cancelled the order and  initially the site wasn’t cancelling but later it gave no information of refund. I wrote articles and reviews about their poor refund  that they sometimes also cheat people. So , I looked for their contact number and called them. The number was likely fraud. From somewhere , I got another number {+91 76xxxxxx61} which had strange caller tune to be a official number but the guy said about 8-9 days refund while no option was visible.
On site, they say for 48 days to 90 days of refund which is likely too much time for a online UPI payment. Even a consumer like me can make itr in a 1 minute to them , so how such a e commerce company needs so much time. Luckily , I mailed them , raised a ticket and also raised ticket at Razorpay for which nothing of sort worked .I myself being a lawyer and daughter of lawyer would like to ask you to look in this matter and please contact the company to initate my refund as soon as possible .
Regards ,
A aware Indian Consumer
Archana Sharma
Gwalior 474009, Madhya Pradesh

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