Regarding delay in delivery by Professional Couriers

I have a request to Check book with HDFC bank on 09/06/2018 and which was dispatch to Professional couriers on 11/06/2018 from Chennai branch. IT has reached to Hyderabad Miyapur branch on 15/06/2018 till now it was not got dispatched or handover to me (22/06/2018). I tried reach out to Miyapur branch and Main branch in Hyderabad to get the information. Even after calling multiple time they failed to answer the calls.

Now i need my Check Book on urgently and due to delay in dispatch, i have lost my financial income of 30000/-. I request you please look into this and provide me the compensation for my Loss. Please find the screen short of couriers details and do the need full thing. Thanks in Advance

krishna prasad
Miyapure, Hyderabd 500049, Telangana

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