Regarding Induction cooktop glass burst and warranty denial

Regarding Induction cooktop glass burst and warranty denial

I hope this message finds you well. I would like to bring to your attention about the complaint raised against the induction cooktop on September 15th .

Initially the complaint was raised against the Faulty touch since it doesn’t change or turn off/on after upon the selected touch button. This issue was frequent at intervals and was there from the initial use.
Prior to 1 week of the visit of technician, the outer glass started to scatter after we removed the pot from the cooktop. It was so harsh that the broken glass scattered to the other end of the kitchen. Quality of the product needs to be tested as the safety of the people is a serious concern.
I understand the property of the toughened glass and it should bear any resistance of the pots and utensils.
With what I experienced & saw, I understand the glass could not resist the temperature at that point and eventually it shattered making it unusable. The glass burst could have been very serious, if it was not turned off on time putting life in danger.
Technician claim this as the damage caused from our side. i explained the situation from the technician, customer care, regional manger, and the other senior persons of the castor customer care.
Such pathetic reply from all persons including the regional manger. If it was any other company It would have been covered under warranty and moreover the issues of communication have been far better than castor.
Angamaly 683589, Kerala

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