Complaint regarding service from Act Fibernet, and refund

Complaint regarding service from Act Fibernet, and refund

I am act fibernets customer for a year and my previous plan has come to end. So I thought upgraded to a more speeder plan so I called to the act customer care and requested to change my plan. The employee that I was speaking then said I raised a ticket for plan change and router will deliver within 5-7 working days and you can pay the amount after the technician install the router. So I waited for a week but still didn’t get the router so I called them and they said “no you have to pay the money first then router get delivered and plan gets changed that’s our employees mistake sorry.” So i continued to pay the amount of total 8839 for plan change on 3rd October and they said its our mistake so we will speed up your router delivery.
And again I waited for another week but the router is still not delivered. And I called them again and asked them they said the ticket was raised yesterday but I said I paid the amount week ago why will the ticket get raised yesterday and after talking to them and calling them more than 10 times they are not responding properly
And even after asking for disconnection they said the money gets refunded after 7 days if you raise the ticket.
Hyderabad 500088, Telangana

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