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Regarding job offers from Euro Highway Hotels

Recently there was a add in the Times of India Bengaluru paper for job vacancies in Norway in a chain of hotels going by the company name of Euro Highway Hotels with website
One look at the website and you can notice it’s a fake website. Which hotel doesn’t give a phone number to call them? I sent my CV and never got a reply so I called them. They purposely don’t reply to all e mails as they want only the really desperate as well as innocent ones to call them. Number is +917338810356 and one old sort of man speaks giving the name of Sxxxxxr and says he is from Chennai and is the sole Indian agent for this company. He will then act as if he is very surprised that why you didn’t get a reply and will act like he will personally ask the company to contact you. In a few hours I received the offer letter of a Admin Sales Manager with salary of Euro 2500. Will attach the mail and letter here, please be careful, don’t get fooled with this guy as he is really making a professional looking letter.
So I got a job in Norway for 2500 euros without any interview and without seeing anyone or showing any document. Then he keeps calling you asking you to pay the processing fee of INR 50000/- scaring you that you have to hurry or else the company will hire someone else.
If you need any assistance or information don’t be scared and get in touch with me to discuss this fraud.

Rohan Matthews
Banaswadi, Bengaluru 560055, Karnataka

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    • KHUSHRU GOTLA on 15/08/2018 at 6:32 pm

    Thanks for the Warning

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