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Regarding loan repayment issue during covid 19 lockdown

I and many other middle class people use online personal instant loan application like cashbean , loanfront , kishht & many more, due to lockdown we cant earn because we are self employed person. this apps are nbfc companies as they show during availing loan. they inform about making compulsory payments.   we are not able to pay this loans dur to not having money, please help us if you can. there are thousands of people who are getting continuously calls from them to pay instantly. They are not understanding out problem and also they are being too rude to us. please help us .
also you can find same queries for same problem at Twitter and YouTube for asking the solution for this. we are requesting you for time to pay loans. we will do payment as normal but we need more time this time.

dhruvil patel
Umreth 388220, Gujarat

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