Regarding money paid to Facebook for Instagram Ad services

Regarding money paid to Facebook for Instagram Ad services

For boosting a post using Instagram Ads for my MSME registered start-up, I had paid ?2357.71 on 9:12 AM, 14 Jun 2022,  Now, your honour, even after the payment was successful, the hard-earned money wasn’t added to my Ad money in the app, it didn’t reflect there. I sent them requests, then complaints, then threats of suing them but no response from their side came. I waited so long for them to reply on this issue but nothing happened. My investor had given me that money to make me him see the results of that 3000 rupees and what I can do with it, and on the successful 4500 return of which, he had agreed to lend me 1 Lac INR without interest to help me grow my company. And on the basis of the graph of my savings and earnings from my venture and seeing the market conditions and then comparing it with last year, that 1 Lac would have yielded 3 Lac easily, which all went in vain. But not only that, this loss has taken me to a much more pain than monetary loss, it gave me mental atrocities, my credit worth has been put down, my respect has been lost for not being able to keep my words and I had to give my investor the money back from my credit card. All these losses could have been avoided if my money had been put to my Ad account and I could have gained everything what I lost. Now I’m just 18 who is an aspiring entrepreneur. I have proper evidences of screenshots and payment details from PayTm App. And messages received by my bank.

Vijay Nagar, New Delhi 110009

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