Regarding services from tuition app gharpeshiksha
Beware of making UPI payments to strangers. Always transfer money to bank account after due diligence.

Regarding services from tuition app gharpeshiksha

I browsed on internet to search for online tutoring and found a website I registered in it and they called me they convinced me to give me tuitions and said we have to take a membership to continue with them. So I paid them Rs. 2360 and accepted their bronze plan. They said I have to wait till I get activation call. But I didn’t receive any call when i called back them they kept on saying to wait and when I was not convinced I asked them to refund my amount they said as it is nonrefundable they can’t give it but when i asked them that they didn’t mention it before paying the amount they were not accepting my request and they asked me to give approval on their terms and conditions which I received after asking for refund. Later they called me and started calling me names like I am egoistic, fraud and not a person who is not capable of teaching and just wasting their time because I posted a review on their app in playstore. Later they gave me a deal to remove the review and will return 70% of my amount if i did. When i asked them why they said they have to cut gst and should pay to other company. Please take action on them as I am not only the person who got cheated there are many people like me who have been cheated by them. Please stop them from doing such crimes. Many innocent people are getting affected by them. They have to be stopped. They are feeding on others hard earned money and cheating on them. Please take action.

Mahabubnagar 509001, Telangana

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