Regarding services, refund from VLCC center

Regarding services, refund from VLCC center

On 6th ofJuly 2021, i visited VLCC preet vihar center for laser hair removal for some of my body part. I informed them that i have PCOD issue they din’t give me any dermatologist consult to advice and self said that i can go for laser treatment as it works on every kind of person. That time they somehow convence me to go for full body laser treatment . And Consultant told me verbaly that laser hair removal work for thinest to thickest hair as same. They dint  inform me that they dont have a laser machine dedicated for their center,  they dint inform me about non refund thing. they din’t about lockdown senerio and fakely promose that laser will work on thin and thick type of hair. i paid 2000 on the same day and  57000rs thru my credit card after 2 days. They even dint provide me any bill. They informed me to visit on 25th july. and then they shifter it to 26th of july, which was weekday and i m a working woman.  and on 26th  july . when i was fully prepared and hardly manage time to got to center. They said that their machine is broken. They mentally harassed me and when i asked for refund. They said that they have no refund policy . And at the same time they forwarded me the bill mention policy over there. i said that y i haven’t received any bill previously. They said that in the text they send at the time of payment, some time it missed to send bill as its auto-generated. How any auto-generated thing miss and line or link of bill.  I checked the VLCC website as they informed. Nothing mention there for non refund as well..The manager talking everything in saractic way and rudely. Please help me get my hard core money back.

Mandawali 11092, Delhi / New Delhi

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