Regarding tickets booked through Kiwi to Germany via Israel
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Regarding tickets booked through Kiwi to Germany via Israel

I booked a ticket on 19th November last year via to fly at a future data on 7th January 2023 from New Delhi to Munich via Israel.

I was supposed to board Air India flight on 7th January 16:55 from DEL uptil Israel. Then at Israel I was supposed to change the connection and board Pegasus flight.

Now as I reached new Delhi airport on 7th at 13:00 to collect my boarding pass from Air India checkin counter, they refused to issue the boarding pass to me and they said that I am not allowed to board the flight. They said the following things, among others:

“You are am Indian passport holder therefore you can’t travel to Germany via Israel”
“Go to the reservation counter of Air India they will tell you more”
“Even though you have a student visa of Germany, you can’t be permitted to board this flight”

Then I went at the reservation counter of Air India and they said “according to the new guidelines you are prohibited from travelling via Israel, you will have to book a new ticket”

I asked them “why was my booking then accepted in first place? Because I filled my nationality, passport details, German visa status etc. Before making the payment for the ticket”

They said ” because you booked via, not from our website, we aren’t responsible. You can check with for refund but as a matter of fact, there is no way for you to reach Germany other than booking a fresh ticket”

So I couldn’t board the scheduled flight on 7th January. And had to book a new ticket for some other day.

In light of the above information, please help me get the following refund from and/or airlines:

1) 600 EUR which I paid to kiwi while booking the ticket
2) 8.18 EUR which was deducted by pegagus airlines on 19th December from my bank account without my consent.
3) 94.95 EUR which was deducted by kiwi because I availed additional checkin baggage service on 2nd January.

I did filed a request for refund on kiwi portal on 17th January but I got just one automated response which reads “we will reply as soon as we can”. Then they went unresponsive. So I tagged them on twitter to know the status of my issue but they said the same thing. Their response didn’t seem satisfactory.

Faridabad 121004, Haryana

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