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Shops charging more than MRP for packaged products

I was travelling from una to jalandhar. There was stoppage at Hoshiarpur bus stand where is got down to buy packet of chips and a cold drink. I bought one kurkure and lays worth rs. 20 each and a fanta worth rs. 35 from shop no. 10 situated in Hoshiarpur bus stand premises. Seller charged 25 rupees for each packet and 40 rupees for cold srink. When i asked him he said we used to sell only like this and everyone here is following same practice. His confidence of selling things at higher price simply shows the level of corruption. He can’t be so much confident without support. Moreover Hoshiarpur is the only city charging higher than MRP, I have not faced such issue anywhere else nowadays. This should be investigated and proper punishment should be given to sellers following unfair practices.

Deepak Kumar
Badoli. Una 174303, Himachal Pradesh
06/05/2017 / 11:48 am

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