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Solved Complaints 8

106. Refund from MakeMyTrip – Rs.27,041

Mr. Ganesh Reddy of Glenfield Auckland, New Zealand (Email: had booked 3 packages to Ladakh @Rs.44600 per person ex Bangalore. His sister made a cash payment of Rs.50000 when she initially made the booking. The total outstanding amount to be paid off was Rs.87216 as per the travel agent. Mr. Reddy’s sister asked him make an online credit card payment for Rs.87216 and the booking was made locally in Bangalore. Mr. Reddy checked with the online agent on 25 May 2011 and was told that the total outstanding amount was Rs.114257 instead of Rs.87,216/ and accordingly Mr. Reddy made the payment of Rs.114257 using his New Zealand credit card. But the truth was that the unpaid amount was only Rs.87216. When Mr. Reddy’s sister confirmed with the travel agent, they said that it was a mistake and they would refund the overpaid amount of Rs.27041. However, the refund was not forthcoming even after waiting more than 2 months. Mr. Reddy posted his complaint with ICF on 07-08-2011 and the matter was taken up with MMT. Mr. Reddy finally got his refund on or about 20-08-2011.

107. Refund from Yatra for failed flight booking – Rs.5046/-

Ms Vineetha Raghu, Chandigarh 160012, Chandigarh UT (Email: had attempted to book a flight telephonically, through Yatra on 22-07-2011. Although the money was debited from his account, the Yatra official said that he has not received the payment, so the booking was unconfirmed, and that refund would be made in 24 hours. Since then, Mr. Raghu had been calling Yatra several times, and every time promised that I will receive my money in 24 hours or 72 hours. Mr. Raghu posted his complaint with ICF on 16-08-2011 and the matter was taken up with Yatra. Mr. Raghu got his refund by 22-08-2011.

108. Refund from Yatra – Rs.3,325/-

Mr. Neeraj Agrawal of Kondapur, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (Email: had made a flight booking from Hyderabad to Delhi and back to Hyderabad through on 21st Aug 2008. Due to some reason he was not able to board the flight back, i.e. from Delhi to Hyderabad dated 24th Aug 2008. He had immediately informed the authorities, and since it was a refundable flight booking, they promised to return the amount well within 15 working days. He followed up with them for next 2-3 months, but every time they had different excuse for taking more time for refund. He also sent emails to them regularly in the following months but received only automatic replies. He posted his complaint with ICF on 12-08-2011 which submitted to Yatra. Mr. Agrawal finally got his refund on or around 23-08-2011.

109. Refund from Yatra – USD 809.39

Mr. V.R.Veeranah of Mauritius ( ) booked 3 online tickets within India on the 4th october amounted 809.39USD by As the tickets were unconfirmed they told they would refund the amount on 5th October but refund was not forthcoming. Mr. Veeranah posted his complaint with us on 20-10-2011 and subsequently ICF submitted this complaint to Yatra. Mr. Veeranah received his refund on 22-10-2011.

110. Shore not received from Bagittoday – Value Rs.2,999/-

Mr. Linto Tomy of Kothamangalam, Erala ( had ordered for a Reebok Dhoni Trainer Shoe (rs.2999) with Bagittoday vide Order No.273802. However, when he receive the box it did not contain shoe. Instead there were some waste torn papers and a torn book inside the box. He posted his complaint with ICF on 06-09-2011 and got his shoes in two weeks time

111. Ebay promotional gift not received since 8 months:

Mr. Jasveer Singh of Gurgaon (Email: purchased an LCD TV from Ebay on 24, Mar 2011 and with that he was promised a promotional gift (Digital Camera) by Ebay. When he did not receive the gift by the specified time he contacted EBAY customer care but the issue remained unresolved. He posted his complaint with ICF on 11-11-2011 and by 17-11-2011 he issue got resolved.

112.  Refund from Tradus – Rs.3,199/-

Ms. Tanushree Bhowmick of Durgapur, West Bengal ( had ordered for Seagate Expantion 500GB Portable HDD with Traduson 22-10-2011. Since there was a delay in execution of the order, Ms. Bhowmick had asked Tradus to cancel the order and refund her the money. However she did not receive the refund until 10-11-2011 and she posted her complaint with ICF. She got her refund on 11-11-2011.

113.  Bajaj Allianz medical reimbursement claim – Rs.15,867/-

 Mr. Devendar Baweza, Gurgaon, Haryana ( posted complaint with us on 31-08-2011 with regard to non-settlement by Bajaj Allianz of reimbursement claim by his brother Mr. Bodh Raj for the treatment given to Mr. Bodh Raj daughter at Sheetla Hospital & Eye Institute Pvt. Ltd.New Railway Road Gurgaon, Haryana. Tt was found in her report that she was suffering from Typhoid Fever and was getting diagnosed for the same but the Insurers rejected the claim on the ground that Shagun was suffering from fibrous dysplasia. The claimant approached the agent and also the branch manager who showed no interest in settling the claim. Mr. Baweza post his complaint with ICF on 31-10-2011 and the matter was presented to the insurance company. The insurance company finally settled the claim on 05-12-2011.

114.  Videocon washing machine service complaint:

Mr/Ms Sankari Majumdar, Kolkata, West Bengal ( purchased Videocon Washing machine (Digi Pacific) purchased around December 2010 went out of order within 1 years time. The Videocon service engineer attended the problem immediately – said it was a circuit (PCB) issue. They took the PCB for repair and its still to be repaired. Even after three months the machine was not delivered.  Mr. Majumdar posted his complaint with ICF on 01-12-2011 and ICF submitted the complaint to Videocon. The machine was delivered on 04-12-2011, after servicing.

115.  Refund from Ebay:

Vipul Bansal, Delhi ( ) Purchased HP ink cartridge 861XL on ebay India in Oct 2011 – received a defective, expired & out of warranty item. He was also charged more than MRP (incl taxes) printed on the pack. EBay promised resolution in 7 days and refund in 20 days but backed out on their promise. Mr. Vipul posted his complaint on 30-11-2011 and finally got his refund on 12-12-2012.

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