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Complaint regarding carding fraud telegram channel

Carding fraud. Value: 20000 Amazon carder in telegram,,I have seen so many delivered message’s and photos of delivered product,so that I also believed and paid the money of 20000 rupees to buy a mobile phone,but now they did there is no like that name carder no longer available Sunny Ora Badnagar 456771, Madhya Pradesh Email: …

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Regarding Fraud case of Amazon carding on telegram

I have been in trouble after a carder named @Carding Zone Not A Scam this is his group where he posts products sold from him to the customers whether it is real or fake I don’t know for personal messaging and ordering product he uses Id @Bhaisurender as after seeing this. I also have ordered …

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Complaint regarding Carding Scam on Telegram channel

Anjan scammed me 11000 . He is a carder . He has a channel in telegram named Cheap Amazon Products . He hacks credit card and scammed people plz arrest him . His full name is Axxxxn Cxxxxxn . he lived in haveli. I have his adhar info I’m uploaded it he scammed people money …

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Complaint regarding mobile order on carding empire, Telegram group

I lost my 35k by ordering mobile with them carding empire … culprit forgery groups puting fake details on telegram group were 7k subscribe. Nothing can do… using word trust he betrayed me. Person update fake they are hiding using social media utilise our trust to make money … i deeply feel and hurting for …

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Complaint regarding fake carding telegram channel

Scam of carding. Value: 3500 Person who scamed me for sending me a laptop of worth Rs 75000 in Rs 3500. I have few  details of him. Which can help in finding him and make a stop on his activities Telegram channel- CARDING AMAZON FLIPKART NAME OF HIS BOT- GOD LUCIFER with upi we can …

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Complaint regarding money lost in fake carding

Fake carding. Value: Mobile phone and gold coin. They done me Norway.. took my 26k by fake carding I have lost my whole money they done it’s wrong to me and everyone . Please get my money back no one is working for our daily essential as my dad passed away (expired) 2 months ago. …

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Complaint regarding Carding scam on facebook

Carding scam. Value: 4000. I connected with someone through facebook.. For some discount purchase and I paid him 4000…on further enquiry about he does it I get to know that he is doing carding so I declined to do and asked for a refund… Now he neither refunding nor doing purchase… Just saying he will …

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