Tours and travels company not refunding booking amount

In the month of September 2018 I took quotation from a travel agency situated in noida.after confirming all details of the trip I paid them the advance amount of ?16425 as per their request. They were supposed to provide me the booking confirmation with all hotel and cab informations after payment of the advance amount i.e. 50% of the total package. After 2days of time they didn’t provided me any details instead they started asking me for full payment. When I denied the fact that these was not the process as per their defined policy they then replied that they will provide me all the details before 20days of the trip. When I enquired about the confirmation of the trip they informed that booking is in progress and will not be canceled at the last moment.
On the the first week of December 2018 they informed us that the booking is not possible from their end and they will return us back our amount by 7 to 22 working days. They didn’t provided me the money till now and now they are saying that they are some financial issues at their end so it will take more time.
Basically they harassing us because we didn’t provided them the full amount on their request. They even told us the same over phone. They have simply blocked my money and enjoying interest on it. They have ruined my holiday and have harrassed me by canceling the trip at the last moment.
Can you please help me to get back my money.

Argho Das
Behala, Kolkata 700141, West Bengal

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