Transaction charges levied by Tata Credit Card

Transaction charges levied by Tata Credit Card

I have made an international transaction using Tata Credit card on the day(10th May 2022) of billing cycle for Rs 66000. and same amount has been refunded on 13th May 2022. For me logically i have made a payment.
Upon asking the customer care for the payment needs to be done the executive is asking to pay 66000 and in the next month cycle this amount will be settled. If not done credit card will laive a 3.5% tax which in case is not a small amount.
Once paid, this amount will be credited in my saving account for which i will not get any interest and this amount will be used by bank interest free.
Need to know why i have to pay this amount even if the payment is being done (Who so ever has made the payment in this case this was a refund) If this is the same scenerio i will have to pay the interest charges even if i delay by any single day.
Request your intervation.

Pune 411047, Maharashtra


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