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Vibes not refund money back

I was over weight and I wanted to lose my weight so I paid 21000 in vibes jp nagar. I went for 10 days and I dint see any changes and same time I got job and I had training in other place so I asked vibe clinic person to hold on to my treatment. Then I was back to Bangalore and took treatment once and money was 16000 left after these treatment I was not happy at all. Now because of corona virus my work is been stopped for 3 months and no Salary is been given and here I wanted to ask refund from clinic as the situation is bad for my family. Its really hard to lead a life without money. They rejected my refunded And telling they won’t refund me . Please help to get my 16000 back as soon as possible I’ll beg you people

Aishwarya DN
Bangalore 560059, Karnataka

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