Volkswagen service - severe mileage drop after servicing

Volkswagen service – severe mileage drop after servicing

I serviced my volkswagen polo 1.2 comfortline at Siliguri workshop  on 23rd Oct 2021. Before servicing my car was giving an average mileage of 16 kmpl, which is quite good but post servicing the mileage has dropped to 10 kmpl. I informed the service center of the same and it was brought to my notice that the mileage drop was due to a faulty O2 sensor. Now the question is that if the O2 sensor was faulty, why was the mileage good before servicing. Moreover, it has been 17 days since I ordered the parts and it has not been made available yet as a result I am having severe losses due to low mileage as I require my car for day to day activities. I have driven the car for 1000 kms post servicing and required fuel worth more than 12k for the same whereas under normal circumstances 5-6k fuel would have sufficed. The workshop people are rude and very unresponsive.

Haldibari 735122, West Bengal

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