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Wrong charges by Vodafone despite activation of roaming plan

This is regarding my Vodafone number. This number is being used by my mom who is currently in US. Before she left I spoke to customer service representative for international roaming plan. I was told to do a two day recharge which would be active for 13-14 June.
I did the recharge of RS. 1151 as asked. The representative also informed me that call charges without this pack would be 70rs per min and there has to be at least one call in 15 days to keep the number active.
For the same reason I had done a regular recharge of 351 RS. However after a month when my mother tried to call me, she couldn’t call due to low balance. So I installed the Vodafone app and found that she has been charged on 13th and 14th June inspite of the roaming pack.
When we contacted customer service, the representative dismissed me saying that it’s been over month and they cannot do anything about it.
This is clearly cheating and fooling by Vodafone. If they have charged me inspite of roaming pack being active I need a refund for the roaming pack.

Yojana Khot
Mira Bhayander Road, Mumbai 401107, Maharashtra
Email: pxxxxxxxxxa@gmail.com

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