Excess interest charged on personal loan by Bajaj Finserv

I took personal loan from Bajaj finserv on 19/11/2016 for an amount of 145000 with a rate of intesret 12.5%.

My complaint is:
if rate of interest is 12.5% for 145000 the emi should be 4850.78. But i paid 5539.12 every month as en emi. so every month i paid 688.34. My question is how can they collect the extra money from the customer and who gave the rights to play with customer money.

By god grace i cleared a loan on 14/09/2016. and i want justification for the extra money collected every month and need compensation of 145000.

Because of extra emi i lost mental peace. i accendentally opened repayment schedule then i came to know they are collecting huge money. In single document bajaj finserv mentioned Rate of interest is 12.5 and collected emi for every month is 22.02%.

Please find attached document.

Bujanga S Swamy
Jayanagar, BANGALORE 560011, Karnataka
Email: bxxxxxxxxxx1@gmail.com

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