Subscription promised accurate Stock recommendation but failed

I took Subscription for option trading NIFTY AND BANK NIFTY ON 10-12-2018 From Option Global Research I paid i Rs:10,000/- They promised 100% Accurate Stock Option but there is no accuracy  in the trading happand  request for refund they did not reply they have only whatapp number for contact so i send the message through whapapp they are give the fake track  record also  there advice. I got SMS on 21-12-2018 buy bank nifty 27200CE 27-Dec-AT 254TGT 380 Stop Lose 175 in there record Bank Nifty 27000PE 27-12-2018(It is opposite the advice  Also the given the call on 14-12-2018 for nifty 10900PE there record there is no call given if the call is people lose money there are not updating the same day the update later with another performance

Elmer Lopez
Trivandrum 695586, Kerala

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