Complaint about form filling work

Complaint about form filling work

Hello, I received a call two days ago with regards to data entry job I applied on quikr. The company goes by the name noble bright solutions. Idk if it is real or fake. I have to fill 700 forms in 7 days and if there are more than 70 forms wrong they won’t pay me anything and instead I have to pay them 4700. Kindly help with the same. Thanks.

Virar east, Virar, MUMBAI


    • Akshata Patil on 07/11/2020 at 4:34 pm

    I too have the same complaint.
    I received a call today regarding the data entry job from noble brights solution.
    And same thing as above happened with me.
    Please kindly assist us regarding the same

  1. Don’t pay anything and don’t agree to fill the forms. Try to avoid jobs where you have to pay money anyway. The legal team from their company if you agree for work, will send you emails like , since you haven’t completed the work… You have to pay money to us or we will take action against you. But the legal team is also not authentic. Don’t pay money to anyone… It’s all fake

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