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Complaint against Cybernet Data Solutions for fraud job

This complaint is against a company named Cybernet Data Solutions, from Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The complaint is that this company had me sign a legal agreement that stated a registration fees of 4999/-, which they said would be deducted at the time of salary for a data entry job. The job was to fill 550 forms online, each form containing 12 parameters, in a duration of 6 days, with a target accuracy of 90%.  They mentioned it’d take 45 second to fill a form. I’m a fast typist and it still took me around 2 minutes each and then 3 minutes of checking if I typed it exactly. I’ve spent 5-6 hours daily to complete the target, though the company told me it’s just a  one-hour work. I’ve thoroughly cross-checked each and every form and only ever made two mistakes in the entire workload. The data to be filled consisted of trivial information about random persons living in United Kingdom. Every email given in these forms were temporary disposable emails generated via a web service called Fake Email Generator. Neither were the addresses correct. Now, at the time of payment, the company has blocked my account and is accusing me for breach of security by logging multiple times, threatening me with legal action. They first called and demanded me 8000/- for reactivating the account, saying it will be refunded with the salary. When I didn’t comply, they sent me SMS saying they’re firing an FIR in the Gandhinagar District Court.

Faraz Khan
Bilaspur 495001, Chattisgarh

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