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Complaint against job fraud to gain money

Recently i got contacted by a fake company named “Obrien techno” ( to offer part time typing job for students.
They promised a salary of 18000 for some typing. They said that before i start the job, i need to pay 2000 rupees deposit for security purposes and that this “security deposit” will be refunded 100% after completion of job.
They also showed fake salary payment photos to fool the person into thinking that they are genuine.
So i paid because they showed documents showing that their company is registered with the government (which is not true).
After payment, they asked for personal details like PAN card photo, account number for “identification purpose”.
This is when i realized they are trying to scam while also stealing personal information.
So i told them i would not like to work and i told them to refund the money, they said that their “admin” will contact us soon and refund the money.
This is an endless loop as nobody contacts you and when you ask them about your money, they say that they just handle the calls, money related issues are handled by the “admin”.
This way i have been tricked and lost 2000 rupees and i would like the authorities to take strict action against them and refund our hard earned money.

Vineet S
Pune 411048, Maharashtra


    • anjali on 18/02/2021 at 6:42 pm

    Recently i got contacted by the fake company to offer part time data entry job.
    They promised to pay 18000 for the work & to pay the registration fee amount 2000.
    afterwards there was just a message you will receive mail for your project which I havent received and been fooling with excuses ,
    please look into this matter .
    I would like the authorities to take strict action on them & refund our hard earned money.

    • Vineet on 22/02/2021 at 1:12 pm

    That is exactly what happened with me. I hope necessary actions are taken against such fraudulent people.

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