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Complaint regarding Apple mobile service

The first interaction I had with Apple was the night I saw the shattered screen. I leave my phone at home when I got to classes and I was home alone at the time. When I came back, I saw that the entire screen was shattered. I immediately contacted Apple Support to find out as to why this had happened. I explained the entire situation to the person on call and he told me to take the iPhone to an Apple verified service center.

Initially there was only one crack in the middle of the screen. This crack appeared after I left the phone for charging overnight. The crack then developed and a week later, the entire screen was shattered. The phone has never been in an instance where it would have been in any physical danger. It was and still is kept on the night side table.There is nothing above the table, so nothing has fallen on top of the phone. The phone has never been dropped to the ground. The shattering of the screen was a gradual process.

When I asked Apple to book a repair in a certified repair center, on the night of sighting of the shattered screen, they had initially agreed to do so. The phone was and still is under warranty which extends till June 28,2018. Upon arrival to the repair center, they refused to repair the phone under warranty and said that Apple had not informed them of the case. They said that they would only repair the screen under “PHYSICAL DAMAGE”. They blamed me saying that I dropped the phone, which was not the case. Since nothing has ever been dropped on the phone and the phone has never been dropped, it cannot be claimed to be physical damage on my behalf. Even while carrying the phone, it is always kept safe with no room for any kind of damage, intentional or unintentional.

The next time we spoke to Apple, the support person said that it is clearly seen that the device had been dropped or something fell on it. The person on call asked me to send a picture of the damaged phone to register a complaint, and said that he would personally escalate the matter and get back to me. After about week, I received a phone call from the said person saying that the damage on the screen is my fault. When the phone has never been subjected to any situation of any sort, why must I accept this? Since we were going out of the country for a couple of days, I asked the person to keep me updated on the developments via email.
“We would like your feedback.” was the first and last email I received from Apple Support. This email was the closing statement from Apple and provided no insights as to why the screen shattered and what the final verdict is. The mail didn’t even provide us any information on how to proceed and what to do. Apple had short closed the support call without any information being shared with us.

After receiving this mail, we decided to contact Apple again. This time, on talking to the person on call we, refused to simply accept the wordings and assurances of the support person alone and demanded that we talk to the top level manager, who turns out to be the supervisor. We were told again that the damage is our fault and that the only way apple will fix the damage was if we pay for it, irrespective of the fact that the device is still under warranty. We told the supervisor that we would like to contact their head or someone on the top level and he told us that he was the top and last level we could contact in the Apple Support chain. This is the last time we spoke to Apple. I have attached a photo of the phone.

It is not justice that Apple is refusing the repair in the false pretext that we dropped the phone or caused the physical damage. We are demanding justice and Apple should repair the handset at their cost.

Namrata Nair
Clappana P.O. 690525, Kerala

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