Complaint regarding data entry job fraud

I got a mail related data entry job then he messaged me in whatsapp telling me different plan about data entry job i choosed 50 pages in 8 days. They told me they will give me 9000 i have to give registration fee 800 so i gave him through google pay. Then after submitting my work he told me you will get your salary in 48 hours. After that next day he told me to give 3800 for quality check and its refundable with my salary. After that also i didn’t get my salary he told to pay 4900 more for tax and that is also refundable. He told me i will get my salary in 2 hours but he switched off his phone and then next day he is telling your account has problem we are opening a salary account to give money. I have already paid 9000 and I’m a fresher please help me to get my money.  please help me out

sunandita misra
Hyderabad 500032, Telangana

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