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Complaint regarding data entry job from Electron

I got a sms on olx from a telecaller from mobile  no. 90xxxxxxxxx8 for online form filling job. His company name is ELECTRON and i sent message on WhatsApp for more details. He message me that you have to submit 1200 forms.  You must have to achieve cut off (I.E. 1080 correct forms), payment per form- rs.50. If interested sent email id or adhar card. I send details and documents on 26.12.2019. He completed registration process without my consent and permission, by simply misleading me to links sent by him on my mail id and he send license agreement and told me to accept it and then you get user id and password for work. I unknowingly completed all procedure and trapped even i was not ready and sure about that I.E.  on 26.12.2019 i received user id  and password then on 26. 12.2019 i completed my work within 7 days. Any when i try submit work
The work cannot be submitted because company mail id has been deactivated before submissions. I try to contcat on company helpine no.  But both helpine no. Has been closed or switched off..
I try to call more than 50 times but the call can’t get connected. I also try to contcat with telecaller of the company but his no. Was also switch of on next day i call to telecaller and tell all about my problems he gives me another mail id then i send my pdf file..
As on 4.12. 2019 i login thier website i saw that my Q.C. report is fail. I went through it and found that my  all 1200 form has been rejected because of reason of ” double space”.
In my form filling work. First i use only single space. But the when i ask from telecaller he tolds me to use double space in all forms.
I ask this same question more than 10 times but the answer is same. He always told me to use double space. I called their helpine number but the call can’ get connected because both helpine no. of company is deactivated or switched off permanently.  After 3 days the helpine is on and i call and told him about my problem.  She tolds me your all 1200 forms are rejected because of using double space.
When i told that there telecaller told to me to use double space. She says that tell your problem to company when you get call from company. As on 17.1.2020 their advocate ( surat, gujrat) sent me messages and called me for making payment as a fine else they file a case.
Sir, again today call me threatening me to take legal action against me, and kindly look into matter as soon as possible, they are toturing me mentally. He told me you have a time of 1.30 o’ clock, make payment urgently. If you not make payment withing 16 minutes i file a case against you. Lawyer not listen my issue he only told again and again make payment urgently otherwise i will forward your file for legal action. As i’m a student i have unknowingly entered in to this fruad please try to understand my problem and kindly solve my problem and i don’t know what i have to their are toturing me for money

Anju Gupta
Siwan 841226, Bihar

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