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Complaint regarding Hathway internet services

Hathway internet services have been fooling me after taking money for the internet services. I had taken Runner offer from them, the internet worked for 4 days and was disconnected. When I called customer service to check why it is disconnected, they told me it has been discontinued because of non payment. When I told them that I’ve paid by cheque, they changed suddenly and said we can see the payment and we are taking your request and that my internet will start in 24 hours.
I called the next day as well and then for the next 5 days for my internet but the only response I get from these people is that they have forwarded the request and that it is waiting for action.
I checked around on internet and it is not only me, but a number of other customers who are suffering from the same fate. I decided to take some action against these scamsters and file in an official complain.
I work from home, i’ve lost a lot of projects and money + have called them multiple times but they are refusing to budge.

Nishant Mishra
Mumbai 401107, Maharashtra

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