Complaint Regarding Misleading Data Entry Resume PDF Service

Complaint Regarding Misleading Data Entry Resume PDF Service

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction and concern regarding the data entry resume PDF service that I recently engaged with. I received a call from your representatives, who assured me that upon availing your service, I would receive 500 resumes for data entry tasks, along with an assurance of their relevance and importance. However, my experience with your service has been far from satisfactory and has raised suspicions of fraudulent practices.
Upon attempting to perform the data entry tasks as promised, I discovered that the workload was significantly larger and more time-consuming than initially conveyed. This discrepancy between the promised workload and the actual workload was concerning and left me questioning the legitimacy of the service I had paid for.
Subsequently, I decided to investigate the matter further and found evidence suggesting that your company may indeed be engaging in fraudulent activities. The misleading representation of the workload and the apparent exaggeration of the tasks involved have led me to believe that I have been deceived and misled into purchasing your service.
I want to emphasize that I find such practices not only unethical but also detrimental to individuals seeking legitimate opportunities to enhance their skills and contribute to meaningful work. I trusted your company to provide a reliable service, and the reality has been disappointing.
I demand an explanation and a resolution to this matter. I request a full refund of the amount I paid for the service, considering the misrepresentation and deceptive practices involved. I also urge you to review your sales and communication processes to ensure transparency and accuracy in your dealings with customers.
I expect a prompt response addressing my concerns and outlining the steps you intend to take to rectify this situation. Failure to provide a satisfactory resolution will leave me with no choice but to escalate this matter through legal channels and appropriate consumer protection agencies.
I hope that we can resolve this issue amicably and promptly. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Ballagarh 121004, Haryana

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