Complaint regarding services by authorised MI service centre

I bought my Xiomi Redmi 5A in January 2018, hopefully, it was still in Warranty. NOTE: My phone had never been in a moisture till now.
Some months before from now, it’s wifi module stops working. It sometimes connects and sometimes not. I don’t know what the issue is(in spite of being an Android App Developer)?
I tried everything I could, I ran tests, which give me an error. It now started to show MAC address of the router on the WIFI Settings. (………Awkward)
Then I talk to customer care, so-called technical experts.
First Talk: I narrated to him everything, and he suggests me to delete the cache of System Launcher and a reboot. I did, for rebooting I had to cut the call. ultimately nothing fix.
Second Talk: I again narrated all the things to a new technical expert. He suggested me to have a Factory Reset. I followed and the problem persists.
Now I was angrier than before.
Ultimately I decided to Visit an MI Customer Care Center nearby. Which was in RDC Ghaziabad.
I went there, I met up with a person(Technical Expert). He said me the thing that If your phone is never been in any moisture and have never taken any Damage, we will serve you free and if there will be any damage or Wet you have to pay 118 Rs. I immediately answered to YES because I was so confident about my phone. (It was never been in any wet condition and have never taken any damage).
Three hours went, I saw approx 6 customers and the audit of everyone’s phone give the result of having been in Wet condition and others issue, they did not say to anyone that your phone is still in warranty. My confidence in my phone was lowering down as the time passing. And the result was the same, he said: “THERE IS WATER IN YOUR JACK AND YOUR WARRANTY IS END!”.I had to pay 118 Rs to them. Then I talk to their boss, Who was also sat there like a technical expert.
I noticed that he is speaking some technical terms to all the customer to fool them, but fortunately being a Student I know the term that he was using. When I talk to him about my issue, He said there is something called LDR used in to examine your phone. I politely answer sir Don’t make fool of your customers, LDR is not an examine tool, it is LIGHT DETECTING RESISTOR. Then he said he don’t know anything.
I say him to show the video clip of the panel of repairing, he refused to show me the clip, I am sure that their “Phone Repairing Team” is doing something wrong with the phone. I forced him to show the video. But nothing works. He didn’t show.
Disappointedly I leave the center and ask for the details of my phone’s Report, Which he uploaded to the MI XMS Server(I don’t know if I am wrong) when I say him, to make to authorized center unauthorize. They were feeling unsafe with me and started shouting at me. I leave the center and came back home.
Then I again talk to a customer care a narrate the all thing, and this incident. Customer care person was not looking interested in my talk. neither he solves my previous issue, nor about this incident.
The issue with my phone was so rare that no one nearby could solve my problem. I am seeking a response from a higher authority at Xiaomi.

Shivam Singh
Ghaziabad 201016, Uttar Pradesh

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