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Complaint regarding short delivery of earphones by Myntra

I have ordered two pieces of same earphone from Myntra with the included order no. On delivery I received one box of earphone in a sealed packet with the inside box open stating that both the earphones are in this only. As per Myntra policy you cannot open the packet before delivery is completed. When I filed a complaint in Myntra regarding the same they took a total of 6 days time and finally gave me a call stating that they have done a proper quality check and they have send me the earphones. If the customer doesn’t get it then I don’t think I am at fault . I agreed for not even getting a refund but want the earphones but they are not ready to listen. Let me know anything else is also required. The earphones was order from Myntra account on the name of Sxxxxxxxxu Sxxxxxxr and was to be delivered on the address with name diksha.

Diksha Sinha
Kondapur, Hyderabad 500081, Telangana

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