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Complaint regarding Tikona broadband connection delay

I have paid 1000rs. for Tikona broadband connection on 13 feb 2018. I got the information that I will get the connection next day (14 Feb 2018) or max by Friday (16 Feb 2018). Next day (14 Feb 2018) Tikona representative
Came and checked the location and tower feasibility for internet connection. After checking the details he came and said connection is possible as the distance of tower is from my home is less than 75meter. He took around 4hrs to check again and said that the tower building owner is not available so I will do it tomorrow. Then his tomorrow never came. On calling to him, he use to say everytime that he is on the way and coming. I waited and called again & again but he used to give only time but not came again.

After waiting till Friday (16 Feb 2018) , I called to customer care and registered complain (1-5072805290). After making the complain by my side, the engineer stopped taking my call. Later (18 Feb 2018) I got call from customer care representative and he asked me for the time slot to send the engineer. I had given the time in between 11am to 12pm, date 19 Feb 2018. He said that that I will receive the name and contact no. of the allocated engineer soon.I waited till today (19 Feb 2018) morning, then I called to customer care again. Representative said that the name and no. of the engineer is same what I got earlier. I requested her to send the message again but she denied. Again I called and the same representative picked the call. I asked to reconfirm the name and no. of the engineer then she said that “message is showing that my area is not feasible for connection”. She was getting irritate while giving the answer of my questions.

If this was the case then why u guys kept me wait for 1 week. You should have inform the very next day that connection is not possible and should refund the money. My work is totally based on Internet. Past one week I am getting harassed ( mentally and monetary) by u people. I waited like fool and wasted my so much time which was very precious for me. I lost my customer because of your delay and irresponsibility. It is not the matter of 1000rs., My concern is my time which I have wasted so much and at last zero result. In fact because of this , I couldn’t contact the any other service provider. If the feasibility issue was there then u should have inform immediately so I could look for other option. I am very much disappointed with the service and I. Know very well that all the connection problem occurred because I complained in customer care. Before that, all the connectivity was possible and feasible. Please do let me know how should I compensat my mental and monetary issue.
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Lalmani Jaiswal
Chetganj, Varanasi 221001, Uttar Pradesh


  1. Dear Subscriber,

    Greetings from Tikona.

    We would like to inform you that the resolution of your complaint is in progress and once the issue gets resolved will update you accordingly.

    Tikona Care.

    • Lalmani Jaiswal on 22/02/2018 at 2:35 pm

    Thank u for your quick action. Finally after 10 days, I got the broadband connection but gone through so much mental harrassment during these days. But there are so many descrepancies in between online broadband plan and the Tikona sales person which came to give the details of the plan and connection. I can not get back my valuable time and customer which I have lost due to your pathetic service but at least can expect that you will improvise your service for you future customers or existing customers. There is big communication gap in between Headoffice, local office and the local sales person. Sales person gives the details of the plan which doesn’t exist as per the online plan. Either sales person doesn’t have the proper knowledge of the services or they misguide the customers for their own benefit. Your customer care executives are also gets irritate if ask for the complain resolve. Infact after asking to connect to call to their reporting manager, they are not bother to do that. Other problem is, if taking to connection through sales person, they collect the amount as per the plan what they say but they do not provide any receipt of the payment. If later they deny regarding the payment then how customers will prove that they have already paid. In this case both parties cannot give any proof of payment and receipt. Like I have paid Rs. 1000/- to the sales person and got mail to receipt of 500rs. only. After asking about it, he said that other 500rs. will credit once the installation get done. But after that whatever the problem I have faced that I had already mentioned in my previous complain. One more important thing, it should be informed by the service provider that assigned engineer will require Laptop/ computer during the installation. If after installation, in the last they say that to activate the connection they need laptop or computer so it is very difficult to arrange it immediately. Because in small cities, it is difficult ro find the laptop in each house or the company should provide the laptop to the engineer for installation to avoid any difficulty to the customer.
    I hope u guys will consider my points to avoid any further problems.

  2. Dear Subscriber,

    Greetings from Tikona.

    As per our telephonic conversation with your team, your Payment related query has been addressed.

    For any further issues/query, you can contact us on 1860 3000 3434 or you can reach us at forum.tikona,in

    Tikona Care.

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