Complaints against installation of mobile tower in residential area

With due respect that the Property Near Kali Mata Mandir, Laxman Vihar Phase 2,Kali Mata MandirRoad, Gurugram has installing some MOBILE TOWER on their roof top. The said Building not only is situated in a densely populated residential area, But also there are two three Schools just near the said building and a laxman vihar Market just adjoining the said building. I suppose According to the MCD guidelines no tower can be erected in residential areas . As we all know that It Causes very harmful effects on humans living nearby and on the guidelines of Hon’ble Supreme Court Towers are not allowed at residential areas, It creates many diseases like Cancer, and also affects the infant old people and specially for pregnant women. Its Radiation is very harmful for all. Already we are suffering with the Big Multi Mobile tower in our area. The mobile tower is installed in residential areas and as per Supreme Court ruling, such towers are illegal and should be removed. Now another mobile tower is to be prepared to install on the same premises on the above address. Actually lots of people are facing problems from mobile towers. Some people are saying that we are getting pain in the head. Some people are saying that we are getting chest pain in the chest. Old people are continuously exposed to the harmful radiations being emitted from the tower and noise pollution it spreads day and night. It is emitting hazardous EM radiations which is causing irritation, inflammation and itching on the skin. I would request you to kindly remove the tower as early as possible as it is the question of life and death of many people in my area. The tower location is very near to us, there are many senior citizen, pregnant women in the area. This would definitely cause a dangerous effective to all of them. We really do not require this mobile tower near to us.

Please could you look at this complaint and escalate it to the right channel for proper action.

Thanking you – You’re truly. Residents of Laxman Vihar Phase-2 Gurugram

Gurgaon-122001, Haryana,

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